Are You Ready For Home Ownership?

We Have You Covered

1) Hire a real estate agent you can trust. 

2) Get a lender on board to get you a loan application and get you a pre-approval. 

3) Set up your search based on your criteria and what you're looking for in a home. 

4) We get in the car and look at everything in the area to make sure you've seen as many homes as possible, so when you see the one, you're going to feel confident making an offer. 

5) We make an offer and we negotiate all contingencies based on your needs and the market intelligence of that particular property. 

6) Were under contract and we go through a thorough inspection to uncover any of the faults or imperfections of the property to make sure that there's nothing major that we need to negotiate with the seller.

7) A full title examination. We're looking at the marketability and anything that comes with the title work or the deed of the property that's been recorded overtime. What we don't want to have is any imperfections that prevent your marketability for selling at the highest value at a later date. 

8) We're going to get the final details of your loan approval together for your lender to make sure that we are clear to close. 

9) We get the moving details and your closing set-up at the title company. we have great movers and the title company will give us the hour and location of the closing where we will conduct all the paperwork.  

10) The closing, which is the most fun part! this is where you sign all the documents, you get your keys and then you get to move in :) 

We like to make the whole process extremely stress-free with a low-pressure sales tactic and highly confident process from A to Z.