Trevor Sholders went above and beyond for my Husband and I when buying our first home. Obviously, this was a huge investment for us and we were a bit nervous but Trevor is so knowledgeable with so much experience and expertise that we didn't feel the stress that everyone talks about when house shopping. When we were browsing and we would consider settling, he encouraged us to keep looking and that our dream house was out there. He wasn't trying to just sell a house.. he wanted to make sure we were 100% in love with it. When we found "the one", Trevor immediately wrote an amazing letter to our seller and got us the house we wanted with ease.. considering the market right now, thats pretty impressive! There were a few things at the inspection that we didn't like and Trevor knew how to kindly but firmly ask our seller to work with us. He was even able to negotiate a new furnace from the seller! We're just so beyond happy and the extent Trevor was willing to go to make sure we got our dream house. Thank you Trevor! 

Kristy P. 2/16/17

Adrian Paolucci