Rarely do I give out 5 star reviews, but in this case I must. 

Almost 4 years ago, when a first time home buyer, I was referred to Trevor Sholders to aid me on my home buying experience. Knowledgeable and patient, Trevor led me down the twisty and windy road of first time home buying. It was a nightmare. Eventually (it took 3 months), my loan was finally funded after going through two mortgage specialists. Afterwards, several irritating things kept happening on this property. I would call up once every few months to try to put this place on the market. Trevor would calmly talk me out of it, and life would go on. 

Two years ago I moved to Arizona. I called Trevor, my guide in all of this. I asked if I should sell, and he told me no once again. Instead he recommended I contact a property management company and wait. I did.

With the market bouncing back in Colorado, I finally decided to sell this place. I called Trevor, and asked him to help me. He was more than willing. Now, he said, is the time to sell. Taking all of his advice about redoing the place, I had it completed quickly and the place went up. Trevor had the place professionally photographed. 

Thanks to Trevor, my house sold for almost two times what I paid for it. Thank you for being awesome. Too bad I can't use him in AZ. 

So, if you want a great homebuyer experience: call Trevor. 
If you want a great selling experience: call Trevor. 
That is all.

Min C. 9/11/16

Adrian Paolucci